Loading quantities per container for each models

To answer this question,please try to know the package size for our massage tables.

We have following different size for our massage table and please note loading quantities per container as follows:

1. table size 195x70cm

   package carton size:99x74x19cm,200pcs/20f container,460pcs/40HQ

2.table size:186x70cm

  Package carton size:96x74x19cm,207pcs/20f ;500pcs/40HQ

3.table size:186x68cm

  Package carton size:95x73x19cm,212pcs/20f;515pcs/40HQ

4.table size:186x60cm

  Package carton size:95x64x19cm,240pcs/20f;590pcs/40HQ

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